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Retail Solution for Telecom Carriers

Simplify your telecom retail operations with PrepaidiQ, A complete solutions for all your wireless needs . These tools are designed to streamline your business processes and provide a seamless, enriching experience for both you and your customers.

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Welcome to PrepaidiQ

PrepaidiQ is a technology service provider (TSP) offering an array of digital solution. Seamlessly integrating with different carriers . Avoiding front-end errors with processing carrier activation, refills , interantional topup and much more...

  • POS Solution for Dealers
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Mobile Operators & MNVO Distribution
  • API Integration
  • Payment Processing

Digital Hub for brick and mortar

Turn your brick and motar location into a digital hub. Offer customers a wide range of digital services , such as Telecom Carrier Activation’s, mobile refills, international top-ups, and more. With PrepaidiQ, increase foot traffic and improve the customer experience effortlessly.

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Self-kiosk ordering enables customers to independently activate, topup, refill via a kiosk terminal, bypassing the need for assistance from a store attendant. This streamlines operations for businesses, allowing staff to allocate their time to other duties like attending to customers and enhancing the overall in-store experience.

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