What is MoneiQ?

Monei  is a secure financial ecosystem that through multiple channels allows the management of funds in local currency or in US dollars which, in addition, in partnership with multibanco international, allows you to have a bank account in the United states without the need to be a US resident…

In order to create your account now...

you must have:

a valid government identification or passport that clearly shows personal information, issue date and expiration date. Any document that corroborates the residence address, for example a utility bill, water bill, etc.

you must have:

The recipient must be over 18 years old The recipient must  have an identity card Once you have completed the registration process,You will receive a welcome text message & email where you must follow the steps to verify your identity.


MoneiQ users have a web and mobile application that also connects with other applications, which allow them to have total and real control of the funds deposited without intermediaries.

  • Receive money from anywhere in the world.
  • Make national and international transfers.
  • Get a physical or virtual debit card for purchases.
  • Keep money in dollars in an American bank without being a resident.
  • Withdraw money or pay in the available local currency.
  • Virtual window for balance verification 24/7.