Who We Service

At PrepaidiQ, we are a cutting-edge Technology Service Provider (TSP) dedicated to delivering comprehensive digital solutions. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating with various carriers to enhance your business operations. We specialize in eliminating front-end errors in carrier activation, refills, international top-ups, and more, ensuring your services run smoothly and efficiently.

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Wireless Stores

Maximize the efficiency of your operations with our streamlined solutions for activations and refills. Our reliable technology helps you manage inventory better and serve customers faster, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Convenience Stores

Turn your convenience store into a digital hub. Offer customers a wide range of digital services including mobile refills, international top-ups, and more. With PrepaidiQ, increase foot traffic and average spend per visit effortlessly.

Master Agents

Are you looking to boost your revenue through digital products? If you operate in any of the following sectors, PrepaidiQ is your go-to partner for expansion and success


Enhance the traveler experience by offering easy access to digital products and services right from the terminal. Whether it’s last-minute mobile top-ups or essential digital goods, we make sure you’re equipped to serve every need.


Leverage our digital solutions to enhance your online sales. We integrate smoothly with your existing platforms, enabling you to offer additional products such as digital top-ups, activation services, and electronic vouchers with ease.

Travel Connections

From booking agencies to transport services, our solutions help you provide added value to your customers. Offer seamless digital products that cater to the needs of travelers, adding a profitable layer to your business model.

Payment Processors

Collaborate with us to facilitate smoother transactions. Our technology ensures that digital product sales are processed efficiently, reducing errors and enhancing user satisfaction.