Streamline operations for your direct retail stores

Free your staff from the register with our POS system, enabling more personal & engaging sales. This environment enables faster transaction processing for multi-carrier Activation & refills. 

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Make the staff experience easy

Give your staff an edge in making the sale. By integrating our POS into your ecosystem, reps no longer have to learn multiple systems to make customer transactions. This reduces errors that add costs to your operations. Our POS can help reps focus on the customer rather than on the technology.

Seamless integration of your sales flows

Seamlessly integrate your bill payment and activation flows into our POS using your own or third party apps. This saves precious time during transaction processing and makes it easier for your team to operate the system quickly and smoothly.

Tablets don’t get in the way

Our solutions are indifferent with regard to OS platforms. They come with full functionalities on a tablet. The tablet lets the rep move freely in the store, engaging customers. Virtually any tablet will work with our solutions. This extends the current useful life of your technology.

The Flexible Kiosk Solution

With a large 21.5-inch IPS screen, the SK700 provides brilliant viewing experience and makes your brand stand out. This device integrates seamlessly with the needs of your business with an all-day battery life.

Unlike the other products in the series, it doesn't have a payment module. It is designed to be paired with PAX IM30 to offer the same seamless payment experience.

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